Cybersecurity  for Medical Devices

The Security Problem

Medical devices around the world have been exposed as vulnerable.  The Department of Homeland Security revealed last year that it is investigating Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in a wide range of medical equipment, from medical imaging devices to hospital networking systems. From infusion pumps to pace-makers, devices and their manufacturers have been in the news.  Promenade Software has experts on staff, and solutions to help you make sure your device is secure.  

Medical device vulnerability is a result of modern medical devices becoming more connected. They are connected to local databases, the cloud, and to patient's smart phones. Each one of these connections is a potential attack vector for hackers.  

With long life-cycles and critical nature, medical devices are particularly prone to cyber attacks. It is crucial for every device, from class III implantable devices, to simple analytical equipment, to have a solid Cybersecurity plan from the beginning. Security can not be bolted on later.

Malicious Attack Example: "man-in-the-middle"

  The Promenade Solution

Promenade Software has leveraged industry standard security designs from the cloud and financial industries and incorporated them into prebuilt solutions for medical devices. The designs include:

  1. Private/Public key infrastructure for secure device authentication
  2. All communications over secure TLS tunnels
  3. State of the art encryption using RSA or Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  4. Easy certificate revocation in case of a breach 
  5. Secure remote service and authenticated cloud updates

As technology becomes progressively portable and our devices more linked than ever, the threat of gaps in networks increases as
well. In the case of networked medical devices, the impact may be life threatening and destructive without strong medical device cyber security.

Why partner with Promenade Software to meet medical device cyber security complexities?

·  Promenade Software has expertise and solutions to help you make sure your device is secure
·  Skilled and creative team of medical device engineers to plan, assess, certify, and advise on medical devices

Want to know more about how your medical devices can be at risk? Contact us now!

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