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 Software Development Services and Tools for
Medical Devices and Other Safety Critical  Applications

 Inter-connected Device Software 

  Advanced Technologies Providing Remote Data Collection and Diagnostics

 Safety Critical Software 

 Powerful Test and Validation Tools for Class II and Class III Medical Devices and Avionics Systems

 Complex System Software 

 Pre-validated Frameworks and Code-bases Designed for Reliability and Extensibility  

Realtime OS


Test  Centric



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We Engineer Your System

Promenade Software provides software development services for regulated devices. We specialize in advanced software technologies for the entire device software stack. 
So, whether you need to augment your current software team, or you want to outsource all of your software, we can help you.

Embedded Software

Promenade Software embedded engineers design software to work closely with the electronics, while providing real-time operating system interfaces, drivers, and controls for your IO centric subsystems.  Using our Parlay-ready codebase, you will get complete visibility and control of every low-level element of your system, and save development time.

Application Development

Whether embedded Linux, Windows, iOS or Android, we engineer a modern responsive front end, secure communications, and a reliable back-end. All with test capabilities built in from the start.  We also have ready-made  components for device applications to get you going quickly. 

Cloud and Remote Services

Whether for data collection or remote diagnostics, we will securely connect your system to a remote server so you can provide complete services to your customers.  Our BAA with Amazon allows for secure HIPAA data storage with Amazon AWS, or you can choose the provider of your choice.  

Software Validation 

Promenade software will handle the software V&V for your instrument.  As needed for your submission, our test team will write up your test plan, create robust test cases, and provide a resultant report and trace matrix.  But we go much further than those basic requirements to insure your device is ready for market.  With Parlay, we  provide test automation, with fault insertion, internal data monitoring and robust component testing.   Our testing is super tough on your system in the lab, so that you can be confident you will not have surprises in the field.

FDA Submission

Promenade software provides the full suite of software documentation necessary for your IDE, 510k or PMA submission. Our controlled processes are fully IEC 62304 compliant. Whether you are doing development with us, or just need help with your submission, let our regulatory expertise help you navigate through the process.

about us

We are  Software Experts

Who We Are
We are a company comprised of highly skilled, experienced software engineers with expertise from  low level firmware to applications and cloud connectivity.  Whether it is for a medical device, or other safety sensitive system, we know that our work is critical. Critical to your company, your customer, and everyone involved. Promenade Software has the skills and ready-made tools to deliver your product reliably and efficiently.

Ready-Made Frameworks
At Promenade Software, we invested the time to design and create ready-made frameworks, libraries and test tools that increase your system's quality, while saving you money and development time. Our codebase frameworks work hand-in-hand with our Parlay test system so that you can see, manipulate and test every aspect of the system.  These pre-validated components are   included in your services contract.  Whether for embedded firmware,  Embedded Linux/Windows  Applications,  Mobile Applications or web connectivity,  we have a ready-made codebase frameworks to fit your needs and get you going fast.

Some of our Wonderful Clients

Together We Make It Complete

how we start

We work out the plan together

Your system has requirements you need for your market. We work closely with you to understand them in order to plan and document  the project to your needs.

what we do

We design with test support

We write the firmware, user interface, application and control systems. We build in the test-ability at all levels and use continuous integration to catch issues fast.

how we work

We provide design control

All our work comes with the full suite of software documentation you need for regulatory submission. FDA and IEC62304 compliant.

how we work

We build quality into our work

Our goal is simple; to create robust, bullet-proof software that makes your products fully functional and safe.  This is how we do it:

We build automated test into all of our work.  Using Parlay we write scripts to exercise and test every software module. We can simulate components, analyze performance and trouble-shoot.

We use Agile Scrum to provide a process of full visibility into our work and progress. Each milestone provides releasability with unit test and integration test scripts  as part of each development sprint. 

We also peer review all software with an emphasis on maintainability.  It is not sufficient that code works – it absolutely must be maintainable. We make sure all of our output is written and documented, so as to be easy to understand, modify and enhance later.  

We take pride in our software and are committed to your product's quality!


Checkout Our Skills and Technologies

Our Expertise

We have soup-to-nuts experience in software.  From low-level firmware development to sophisticated application and web tools.  We have experts at all levels of software.


FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS,uC/OS, THreadX, RTX Keil, VxWorks, QNX

OS's and Frameworks

Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, QT, QML, Twisted, Angular JS, jQuery, Polymer,  SQLite, .NET, HTML5


C,  C++,  C#, Objective-C, Java,  Java Script, Python, HTML,  Swift,  SQL

Drivers and Controls

Peripheral Drivers, OS porting, Temperature Control, Fluidics, Motor Control


TCP/IP,  TCP sockets, Web sockets, USB, WIFI, Bluetooth, CANBus, RS232, IEEE448



Leadership team

Leading an Amazing Group of Engineers 


Frances Cohen

 With years of  experience in leading software teams building class II and class III devices, Frances provides the full spectrum of medical device software experience.

Frances holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) and a B.S. in Geophysics from the University of California, Los Angeles

VP of Engineering

Jeff Gable

Jeff is the systems master. With both a mechanical and software engineering background, he brings a full systems understanding to problems and solutions.

Jeff holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. 

Vp of technology

Daniel Beard

Daniel is the technology enthusiast. He is passionate about technologies in web and application development, including security, communication and automation.

Daniel holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine

Our HIRING PHilosophy

Hire the Best and Enable Them 

AWESOME talent


Each and every one of our engineers loves what they do and is exceptionally talented.  Our environment is fun and collaborative. 
We are always looking for top talent, so if you are interested in a career with us, please send us your resume.


For Be

Our creative team will digg deeply into your idea and prepare some proposals that will blow your mind.


A Team
Of Pro

We have the experience and the team of professionals to make your project a success.


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Promenade Software, Inc. specializes in software development for safety-critical applications including medical, aerospace, and automotive.   


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