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Parlaytm is starting your device development already half-done, and at the same time getting extraordinary test and connectivity capabilities. It is a combination of ready-made tools, libraries, and codebases designed specifically for needs of medical and other safety critical devices. Like turning your device inside out, it exposes everything the software does, so that your system can be instrumented, tested, and tuned.

ParlayTM for Device Development

If you were creating a web application, would you start typing on a blank page?  That would be ludicrous, with all the robust frameworks available.  Yet in the device space, almost every development is exactly that – starting from scratch, or crassly copying a previous project.  The Parlay suite gets all the baseline software development off your developers' plate, providing a robust, self instrumenting architectural framework with components for communications, peripheral drivers, and common controls.

Designing a system with multiple embedded devices ‘from scratch’ can be a time consuming process.  Communication protocol debug between sub-systems alone can take weeks or months to develop.  With the Parlay embedded core, connecting multiple embedded devices is much more of a ‘plug and play’ environment for the developer.  Subsystems can be connected together using various protocols to create a ‘distributed operating system’ of devices that the Parlay UI can discover and control
- Rich Maddox, ArcherDx

 Parlay Codebases and Frameworks

Parlay.RealTime is a pre-validated, real-time embedded codebase for the safety critical needs of medical devices.  Beyond its bulletproof, event driven Active Object design, it has self-instrumentation support eliminating the need to connect clumsy test equipment for top to bottom test capabilities.

Parlay.Realtime is extensible to support devices of medium to high complexity. From hand-held to large floor-top instruments, therapy to diagnostic, class II or class III,  Parlay.RealTime provides the ready-made backbone of drivers, controls and inter/intra communications.

Parlay.4Apps includes the framework, libraries, and components for non-real-time device and mobile apps under Linux, Windows, iOS, Android.  Whether using QT, .Net, React, or React Native, your view components integrate seamlessly to the model and controls. Communications pieces are in-place, secure, and ready to use, freeing you up to concentrate on your custom IP and App design.

Parlay Pilot - the Window into your Device

Parlaytm includes a ready-made user interface called Parlay Pilot. Browser based, it is either served from the device, or from your PC/Mac. It will discover the items that can be controlled, and for each item, discover the commands and properties available - no need to change the graphical user interface (GUI) as your device software changes. The GUI lets your software developers, system engineers, scientists, testers, or field service personnel peer inside the device, control subsystems and view data from sensors, or other sources.

 Item Controller

The Parlaytm UI lets you control each item (component) in the device with item cards. Item cards provide drop down menus of all the self instrumentation available in the device. From subsystem to component, you can send commands and get responses, read or set properties, and stream internal data to be graphed and logged. Item cards give you full control of each of the elements of your system. Everything about the item is at your fingertips.

 Widget Builder

The Parlaytm UI also lets you quickly create a custom UI. Changing weeks of development to mere minutes, your developers can place sliders, graphs, buttons, and many more widgets on the screen, with a drag and drop editor that gives you full control of your screen layout. Behind each widget, Python scripts can be written to handle programatic interactions with the items. These widget screens can be locked down and exported, giving field service or other personnel intuitive access to the specific parts of the system they need.

Test is at the Heart of ParlayTM

Get rid of that expensive, outdated, and convoluted test software that was designed in the 80’s.  The Parlay suite is an affordable, state-of-the art software system that will facilitate comprehensive verification of your instrument.

 Auto Regression Test

Use Python scripts to setup a completely automated regression test system for your device.  The Python language provides constructs that enable clear programming on both small and large scales, supporting the creation of fully extensible and maintainable test suites. Integrate with your configuration management, build machine and documentation systems for complete test automation, failure notification, and archived results.

 Simulate Errors and Hardware Failures

Generating all the possible failure situations on a working system is near impossible. With Parlay.Realtime, you can simulate potential failures from peripherals in order to verify the system software response.  From a dislodged sensor to a stuck valve – failure conditions are sent by the script, and you monitor the resultant system software handling for safety and effectiveness.

 Phil: Parlay Hardware-in-the-Loop testing.

Phil is an easy and inexpensive solution for hardware-in-the-loop testing. Connect the Phil pin headers to your hardware test points, and control or monitor whatever you need: GPIO, ADCs, DACs, PWM, quadrature encoders straight from Parlay Pilot.  Setup python scripts to automate the testing.  Whether monitoring temperature, motor movement, controlling user or data input, Phil lets you test the electronic input and output of any system.

Learn about PHiL 

ParlayTM for Prototyping

Parlaytm is a communications hub that allows for easy and quick integration of all sorts of 3rd party components under one umbrella. Component manufacturers generally have individual PC applications to demonstrate and control their hardware, but synchronizing multiple 3rd party components is formidable. Parlaytm allows you to quickly bring 3rd party components together under a single controlling application. And with the quick drag and drop graphical display of the Parlay.Pilot widget maker and Python scripting back-end, you can setup your control panel in minutes.

It took 2 days to complete in Parlay what took months to implement in Labview
- Shehadeh Dajani, Triple Ring Technologies

Commercial Licenses

Promenade Software offers a suite of capabilities to our commercial customers. From a basic Parlay license, to a premier package with codebases and support, we will help you get what suits your company best.   

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