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What  is PHiL?

PHiL is a low cost, yet ultra useful electronics test and prototyping system that lets you drive and capture digital and analog signals, either individually or coordinated. Connect  60+ designated input and output signals, and control is at your fingertips. Whether you want to drive a motor, monitor motor position, control temperature, graph impedance... PHiL lets you test or prototype with ease.

The PHiL Graphical User Interface lets you poke and prod at individual items, and/or dynamically create a custom dashboard with buttons, gauges, graphs, sliders (and more) to exercise your system. These widgets are placed with drag 'n drop ease, and customized with drop-down selections or Python scripting.

Connect PHiL to Unit under Test 

Digital COMS

  • SPI - 1 SPI bus, 4 SPI channels
  • I2C - I2C bus for multiple I2C peripherals
  • UART - 1 Uart


  • GPIO - 16 input lines to read your board's  output
  • GPIO - 16  output lines to drive to your board
  • ADC - 8 12 bit ADC channels to read analog signals
  • DAC -  12 bit DAC to an drive analog signal
  • Accumulator -   2 32 bit accumulator to count pulses for fan, flow, or other fast input.
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) - 6 output PWM signals. Configure frequency and duty cycle
  • Pulse Width Modulation Reader - 2 input PWM monitors. Read frequency and duty cycle
  • Encoder -  2  quadrature encoder inputs for reading position of motor position

Connect PHiL to PC 

Phil is designed to work with the Parlaytm

  • Connect via USB direct from the Phil board to PC.
  • Provides full visibility and accessibility into commands and properties of each item (pin signals).
  • Dashboard builder with customizable widgets that can drive or monitor signals, individually or coordinated.
  • Python scripting optional.
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

PHiL Drag 'n Drop Dashboard

Case Studies

Test System for Battery Operated hand-held Medical Device

Client needed a test system to verify software on a small battery operated medical device with user buttons, LEDs, and DC motor.
Using PHiL they are able to simulate user button presses, and chart the motor position, PWM duty cycle, and voltage over time as the device performed its tasks.

Test Multiple Temperature Controls

Client needed to generate 4 PWM signals to test and qualify temperature control for their system. Previously limited to 1 PWM signal at a time with a signal generator, PHiL lets them output and control duty cycle for all their temperature controllers, and lets them monitor the output.

Rapid Prototype Diagnostic System

With PHiL, client finally found solution to coordinating multiple sensors and controllers under one umbrella. Bringing USB controlled pumps, camera, SPI ADCs, PWM outputs, and more, the chemistries of this clients prototype diagnostic instrument was quick and easy to assemble.

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