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What  is PHiL?

PHiL is Promenade's HiL (Hardware in the Loop) test and instrumentation tool. Low cost, yet ultra versatile,  PHiL lets you drive and capture multiple digital and analog signals, either individually or coordinated. Connect  60+ designated input and output signals to your board and peripherals, and control is at your fingertips.

Connect PHiL to PC 

Phil provides control and visibility from your PC. The Graphical User Interface provides quick and easy interactive displays of the running system.

  • Connect via USB direct from the Phil board to PC.
  • Get full visibility and accessibility into commands and properties of each pin signal.
  • Dashboard builder with customizable widgets lets you drive or monitor signals, individually or coordinated.
  • Coordinate pins and controls with Python scripting right in the UI.
  • Add coordinated control of USB, GPIB, Modbus peripheral - any Python driven interface.
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

PHiL Drag 'n Drop Dashboard
PHiL Item Controls

PHiL for Test 

The PHiL system is a comprehensive approach employing the combination of system simulation, system stimulation, and data logging activities to explore the system behaviors.

PHiL  to Prototype 

The PHiL system unleashes potential limited only by your imagination. Decide what devices to communicate with and what logic to user in acquiring data, driving components or simulating behavior.

PHiL Pins  

PIN Function
Num Available
GPIO Input
Digital IO - output from unit under test, input to PHiL. 0/3.3v. Use to read status of pins on your device or sensor.
GPIO Output
Digital IO - output from PHiL, input to unit under test. 0/3.3v. Use to drive buttons or signals to your device or sensor.
12 bit digital reading of analog input to PHiL 0-3.3v. Read analog sensor data such as temperature, current, flow...
12 bit digital setting for analog output from PHiL 0-3.3v. Drive analog signals to your device.
Pulse Width Modulation output from PHiL.  Control duty cycle 0-100% and frequency. Drive motors, heaters, peltiers...
Read duty cycle and frequency input to PHiL.  Monitor and chart what your board is outputting.
Quadrature Encoder Reader
2 inputs to PHiL of quadrature encoder output from unit under test. Track relative position of motor over time.
4 SPI channels, sharing 1 SPI bus. Control SPI peripherals
I2C bus. Control I2C peripherals
Serial bus.  Communicate with UART peripherals
    PHiL Users Guide

    Case Studies

    Test System for hand-held Medical Device

    Manufacturer needed a test system to verify software on a small battery operated medical device with user buttons, LEDs, and DC motor.
    Using PHiL they are able to simulate user button presses, and chart the motor position, PWM duty cycle, and voltage over time as the device performed its tasks.

    Test Multiple Controls

    Client needed to generate 4 PWM signals to test and qualify temperature control for their system. Previously limited to 1 PWM signal at a time with a signal generator, PHiL lets them output and control duty cycle for all their temperature controllers, and lets them monitor the output.

    Rapid Prototype of Diagnostic System

    With PHiL, micro-fluidic diagnostic researcher finally found solution to coordinating multiple sensors and off-the-shelf controllers under one umbrella. Bringing USB controlled pumps, camera, SPI ADCs, PWM outputs, and more, this clients prototype diagnostic instrument was quick and easy to assemble and modify.



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