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Parlay is a powerful software development and test framework that exposes
the internal workings of embedded devices and provides interconnectivity,  empowering engineering teams to reach their productivity potential.

For Makers

- Simple for Novices
- Install on PC to connect to your Device
- Integrated with Raspberry Pi
- Open Source, GPL Licensed

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For Professionals

- Embed Parlay into your Device
- Firmware and Application codebases
- Remote Data Collection and Diagnostics
- Commercial License and Support Options

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Parlay Overview

Built-in User Interface

  • Probe Sensors, IO, Internal Variables
  • Exercise software functions
  • Graph and visualize streaming data
  • Change parameters
  • Build scripts with discoverable commands

Easy Python Scripting

  • Write your device communications protocol
  • Coordinate and synchronize actions
  • Create automated regression tests
  • Simulate missing components
from parlay import setup, discover, get_item_by_name


sample_rotor = get_item_by_name("Sample Rotor")
pipette_needle = get_item_by_name("Pipette Needle")

sample_rotor.max_speed = 200


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Install for Windows

Download Windows Installer.

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Install for Mac and Linux

Installation instructions are on our GitHub repository.

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Read the documentation on how to use.

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