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Mobile App Development

Promenade Software provides the full stack of software development for medical devices including connected mobile  applications.

iOS and Android Application Development

If you need a mobile app that connects to a device, we make the user experience seamless while safe and secure. Our User Interfaces are smooth, with an emphasis on usability and clarity.

Our pre-validated robust and secure Parlay Connect system provides the wireless connectivity you need. Whether Bluetooth or Wifi, we can create apps that connect to your device, providing smooth data, control, and status flowing to and from the device. 

Whether your application is a software device, or connecting to a software device, we have the experience and know-how to connect and manage the connection.

Write Once Deploy Twice

Need both iOS and Android? Using our React Native Parlay base, we can save you money in application development . We write once, and deploy to both, each looking like a native application to its OS, with minimal platform specific overhead.

Connect  to the Cloud

Whether for data collection or remote diagnostics,  our ready-made HIPAA compliant Parlay.Cloud will securely connect your system to a cloud server letting you provide extended services to your customers. If your device communicates to a mobile tablet or phone, the mobile can be a wireless conduit for cloud data collection and analytics.

Doctor-Patient Data Sharing

Our secure, HIPAA compliant solutions allow patients to create accounts that share data with their health providers or care-givers. Therapies, schedules, and results can be shared, providing ease of use, and peace of mind to your customers.

About Promenade Software

Promenade Software, Inc. specializes in software development for medical devices and other safety-critical applications.


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