Cloud Solution for Medical Devices

The needs of medical devices cloud data collection is unique , and CyberMed Cloud is designed specifically for those needs. From monitoring home use of devices, to analysis of HIPAA and GDPR compliant clinical data, CyberMed Cloud provides a standardized model for quick and easy cloud integration, administration panel, and customized patient portals.

CyberMed Cloud

The Cybermed Cloud lets you quickly and securely collect data from your devices and run analytics. Whether patient data, instrument monitoring data, instrument usage data, or consumable tracking, the CyberMed Cloud solution provides best-in-class security, and connectivity.

  • HIPAA Compliant Hosting
  • Device Usage Tracking
  • Device Consumables Tracking
  • Patient-Provider data sharing
  • Near real-time patient monitoring
  • Data Collection and Storage
  • Data Analytics /Machine Learning 
  • Alert notifications
  • Remote Device Service
  • Remote Upgrade
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliant

Do it Yourself: Using the Promenade CyberMed Cloud is easy. Our secure REST API lets you setup the data to want to collect and organize it for viewing, graphing, and analytics.

Need Help? Promenade Software Services are ready to help you get connected with a customized portal for you and your clients. Our experts will implement the solution you need, including account management, device connectivity, and cybersecurity. We can guide you through the regulatory submissions will make sure your solution passes the scrutiny of the FDA Cybersecurity teams, and membership in MedISAO provides the vulnerability monitoring and reporting necessary.

Case  Studies 

At-Home Therapy  

Client wanted to develop a therapy device designed to be taken home by patients from their health provider. This client had two goals in mind:

  1. All the health provider to remotely set therapies and see when and how they are performed.
  2. Gather data on how this particular therapy is used by providers.

A HIPAA compliant Parlay cloud was used to implement this project. Patients setup accounts that invited their provider to share information.

Remote Upgrade Added

A device in the market needed remote upgrade support.  

  1. User can check for available updates of application and firmware
  2. Safe upgrade with recovery capability

Adding our upgrade capabilities to the client's device, we used CyberMed Cloud to support
Field Upgrade, checking the device hardware and software revisions match to the appropriate upgrade.

Remote Service Support

A IVD device client wanted to avoid 2 service calls for instrument problems. The first to diagnose problem, and the second to replace the necessary parts.  Using Parlay Cloud, we were able to let their service control the system, pull log files, and diagnose the instrument remotely, This works by:

  1. Client enables the connection from within their firewall
  2. Service personnel use Parlay capabilities to control the system and characterize the problem.

Consumables Tracking

Client wants IVD instrument to keep track of consumables, to alert client for re-order

  1. Reagents kits
  2. Calibration kits

Customers could make accounts that would auto-reorder or alert for re-order based on instrument usage.

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