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What is Parlaytm?

Parlaytm is starting your development already half-done, and at the same time getting extraordinary test and connectivity capabilities. It is a combination of ready-made codebases, libraries, and tools designed specifically for needs of medical devices. And, like turning your device inside out, it exposes everything the software does, so that your system can be monitored, manipulated, tested, and tuned.

A Window into your Device

Parlaytm includes a ready-made user interface (UI). Browser based, it is either served from the device, or from your PC/Mac. It will discover the items that can be controlled, and for each item, discover the commands and properties available - no need to change the UI as your device software changes. The UI lets your software developers, system engineers, scientists, testers, or field service personnel peer inside the device, control subsystems and view data from sensors, or other sources.

 Item Controller

The Parlaytm UI lets you control each item (component) with item cards which allow you to send commands and get the response. Properties can be read and set, and internal data streamed, graphed and logged. Item cards give you full control of each of the elements of your system, with drop down menus of commands available, and properties to view or set or graph. Everything about the item is at your fingertips.

 Widget Builder

The Parlaytm UI also lets you quickly create a custom UI. Changing weeks of development to mere minutes, your developers can place sliders, graphs, buttons, and many more widgets on the screen, with a drag and drop editor that gives you full control of your screen layout. Behind each widget, Python scripts are written to do simple or complex interactions with the items. These widget screens can be locked down and exported, giving field service or other personnel intuitive access to the specific parts of the system they need.

 Scripting and Automated Testing

Parlaytm also allows control of the device via Python scripts, allowing for automated testing of the device at all levels. From Hardware-in-the-loop Unit Test to System Integration tests, scripts allow for a suite of robust tests to verify the most complex system. Integrating thetests into your build system, Pass/Fail criteria allow for your test suite to email alert upon failure.

Explore the Options

Parlaytm was designed for all components of medical device software. With embedded firmware, Linux/Window Applications, mobile and the cloud components available, it enables a rich set of features for your company and customers, with interconnectivity built-in. Below are the pieces of the total solution.

Parlay Connect

Parlay Connect is the heart of Parlay. It can securely connect with your firmware, embedded applications, and 3rd party peripherals.  Use it to quickly prototype your system, using motors, sensors, actuators... all easily controlled from your PC browser, or Python scripts. Or Embed it into your production system as the center of communications between subsystems. Parlay Connect simplifies communication, coordination, and testing.

Parlay Cloud 

Parlay cloud makes your devices' information accessible from anywhere.   This ready-made solution lets you keep track of your customer's consumables, device usage, and clinical data sent directly and securely from your device. Also, with Parlay Cloud, you can remotely trouble-shoot your devices and diagnose problems without leaving the office.

Parlay Device

Pre-validated firmware and application codebases get your software team going instantly. Your embedded software engineers get a head start, while your systems engineers and scientists can experiment, and collect data long before the user front-end has been created. No need for special, throw-away software development - your software has everything needed for the full device life-cycle from prototype to production.

Parlay Mobile

Using our React Native codebase frameworks, you can write medical grade mobile apps once, and deploy to both Android and iOS while maintaining the native look of each. Wifi and Bluetooth device connections allow the mobile device to be the user interface for your device and be the bridge to the cloud.

Commercial Licenses

Promenade Software offers a suite of capabilities to our commercial customers. From a basic Parlay license for the life of your product, to a premier package with codebases and support, we will help you get what suits your company best.   

Device License

Embedded Parlaytm Connect into your product for the life of your product.  No per-user or per-seat charge.

Mobile or Cloud License

Bring connectivity from device to mobile to cloud, with our  mobile support and  HIPAA compliant cloud services.  

Custom Package

Choose from our codebases and frameworks to get your system software going fast. From firmware to embedded Linux/Windows , mobile app and cloud, we have established bases we use for our professional services.  Get our source code and premier support, and/or  engineering services.

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